As I am more aware these days of the plight poor souls with Alzheimer’s find themselves in, I realize, even more, all the care you gave Mother was kind, loving, respectful, and just extraordinary. Thank you. (Carol S.) 

Do you want to meet some real heroes, my friend? Go to visit the residential care facility where my bride of 52 years must live as she advances ever more deeply into Alzheimer’s. Meet there the wonderful staff who attend her, day in and day out, with tenderness and expertise in the face of an inevitable end. They do not fire weapons or command armies, but they serve with enduring kindness in the face of insurmountable odds. They face a horrible enemy every day, yet they never thump their chests or demand the world stop and pay them tribute for their sacrifice. They do a job that I, after three years of caring for my dearest heart by myself, could no longer sustain. They are truly heroes. (John Z.) 

It has been my experience that Silver Gardens offers a professionalism and personal care far beyond that found at other facilities. The home environment, home cooked meals and attentive service of the staff, a rarity in other facilities, is normal operating procedure at Silver Gardens. I’ve had other specialty Alzheimer facilities turn us away when they were unable to handle my mother. Silver Gardens simply reduced her medication, offered love and support, and provided expert care. This type of service should be a standard for the industry, but only Silver Gardens has lived up to my expectations. For anyone looking not only at health care needs and a professional experience, but also a clean, family environment, I can recommend Silver Gardens without reservation. (Dan D.) 

Let me tell you about the benefits of having my wife at Silver Gardens. She’s done wonderfully! Her spirits were low. Now she’s happy. She’s awake and alert all day. She wasn’t walking at all in early August. In late September, she could and did walk with just a little help to balance, and she now moves pretty much at will – with or without anyone’s assistance. She now eats well and on her own most of the time. (Herbert E.) 

Silver Gardens was a life-saver for us and, more importantly, for her. The staff seems to be well-trained in geriatric care and, specifically, Alzheimer’s. They try to keep the residents active and engaged. Baylor House Calls, its nurses and doctors, are on call to meet the medical needs of the Residents. Dental care is available on-site, provided by a mobile dental practice. The residence is clean and efficiently run with adequate staff and daily home cooked meals. It is truly a “home” for those who live there. (Dee Ann W.) 

We are still taking things a day at a time…if it were just Mom, I would move her to Dallas, and Silver Gardens would be at the top of my list for her, because of home environment and personal attention from people who understand Alzheimer’s, and…because of its so very close to my own home. (Marte F.)   

My friend really bloomed under the loving care received at Silver Gardens. The smaller home setting brought back the normalcy she needed and helped her overcome losses in the quality of her life in the institutional setting she had before. (F.T.) 

Thank you so, so very much for all the kindnesses and love shown to Dad during his very brief stay at Silver Gardens. You and all the caregivers were truly sent from God at a time in which I didn’t know what to do for Dad. I just wish his stay had been longer. We wish you much success at Silver Gardens as it is a place very much needed and Silver Gardens has to be the best.(Sharon G.)